** Returns from European countries as listed below

Returns from European countries: We are able to offer FREE RETURNS to all customers in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

Use our DHL online return system at no charge from the comfort of your home. Print your return label, complete it and bring the parcel including the filled return form to your nearest Deutsche Post partner outlet.

Fill in the return form provided with your order and place it back in the parcel along with the goods which you want to return and the original packaging. For postage details, click on your country in the list below. Fill in the required information and submit the form. You will then receive an email containing the return label. Attach the return label to the parcel and bring it to your nearest 'Deutsche Post' partner. Further information regarding this will be provided in the email. As soon as the parcel arrives at our department and is checked by our team, we will refund you the purchasing price within 7 workdays. We will use the same payment method as used in your original payment.

Please declare all returned goods. Undeclared goods generate increased costs for us. We reserve the right to charge the costs incurred to your account. 


Can I return goods if I don’t like them or if they are defective?

You are entitled to return goods within 14 days without giving reasons. Please fill out the return form completely so that we can respond adequately.


What happens with my voucher or free article when I return goods?

Redeemed vouchers will not be refunded or paid out in the case of partial or complete returns. If the voucher used is bound to a minimum order value, this value is equivalent to a minimum purchase value. This means that when the minimum order value is no longer reached due to a (partial) return, the voucher will be declared invalid and the original purchase price will be charged. The same applies to free articles, which are bound to a minimum order value. Please note that if the returning of goods brings the total purchase value below the minimum order value, the free article should also be returned or the original price of this article may be charged.


Returns from outside of Europe (countries not listed above)

Unfortunately we are not able to provide direct return labels to customers residing in countries not included in the list above. If you wish to return your goods, please send the parcel via prepaid mail and be sure to include the completed return form. We only agree to bear the return delivery costs in the case of a wrong delivery; for example, wrong items or defective items.

Please ensure that your return parcel is sufficiently prepaid. We reserve the right to charge you for any incidental penalty costs incurred in the case of underpayment.